Can children age 14 stay home alone in California?

Answer I'm in NY and i stay home alone all weekend and tonight even. Four days i havn't seen my mother because her boyfriend is more important so i stuck with spaghetti o's. It's legal past 12 in NY it sh... Read More »

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What is the legal age of children can stay home alone California?

Answer California has not passed a law regarding this issue. Most authorities believe that it is safe to leave a 12 or 13 year old home alone for a few hours during the day. The child needs to be s... Read More »

Do preschool children develop better than children whose mothers stay at home and raise them?

Okay - first - daycare is NOT preschool. Many daycares say they offer a preschool curriculum, but please don't' confuse the two.My children attended traditional preschool. 2 mornings a week at 3,... Read More »

Should a mother stay at home with her young children rather than working outside the home?

On One Hand: Advantages of HomeStaying home with your children will help facilitate a strong parent-child bond by allowing you to teach, nurture, and entertain your child. Furthermore, if no qualit... Read More »

How old can a child stay home in California?

12-13 years old, and can only stay on their own for a few hours.