Can child support be retroactive in Alabama?

Answer The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals decided in P.Y.W. vs. G.U.W., 2010609 (2002 to 2003) that awards for retroactive child support are proper. This is codified in Article 5 (Order of Retroactive Su... Read More »

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How does joint child custody affect child support in Alabama?

It depends on the type of joint custody. Custody is broken down into two subcategories- legal and physical. Legal custody is the ability to make decisions concerning the child and to act on the chi... Read More »

How is child support calculated in Alabama?

Child support in Alabama is calculated using the adjusted gross income of the supporter and number of children to determine the amount of support due.Applicable RulesTitle 30, Chapter 3 of the Alab... Read More »

Child Support Laws for the State of Alabama?

In cases of divorce, noncustodial parents must pay child support to the state of Alabama rather than to the other parent. Alabama also provides child support for married parents who are having fina... Read More »

The Alabama Laws & Child Support Garnishment?

Child support is a family issue that is governed by state and federal laws. Each state has its own system for collecting and administering child support payments. In Alabama, the system used to col... Read More »