Can child labor cause death?

Answer Certainly- such as accidents in coal mines, construction sites... for this reason child labor laws were put in force.

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Can asbestos cause death?

On One Hand: Asbestos Causes Health IssuesExposure to asbestos can cause long term health problems, including difficulty breathing and lung inflammation. Asbestos also is a human carcinogen, as det... Read More »

Can an infection from your wisdom teeth cause an infection in your brain or cause death?

Answer An infected tooth can cause death. But it isn't really from infecting your brain. It will go into your airways and swell them up then you can't breath. A tooth infection can become very s... Read More »

Can sex cause false labor?

yes!  its annoying!  try calling into work "oversexed"!

Can Chiari malformation cause death?

Death is rare, but can happen. I know this because my son passed away 15 months ago. Cause: Chiari Malformation, Type 1. We were unaware of the condition and he seemed very healthy. It was found by... Read More »