Can child abuse be considered attempted murder?

Answer Difficult to answer simply. No, not in a legal sense. Attempted murder is a completely different offence. Of course the attempted murder of a child IS abuse but the charge is different, it may al... Read More »

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What is Military law on murder by child abuse?

The consequences can vary from a page 11 entry to special court-martial and a BCD. Depends on how many bad checks were written, and how much money was involved. Usually, first offense or two will b... Read More »

Is washing a child's mouth out with soap for repeated use of bad words considered child abuse?

AnswerIn south Fl a family made a child wash her mouth out with soap, she had a reaction and had to be taken to the hostpital, when the doctors asked what happend the mother told him the whole stor... Read More »

Is spanking your child considered discipline or child abuse?

it depends half the time it is discipline but the other half is abuse. if it has a reason its discipline but if whoever is doing it without reason its usually abuse Only suitable for minors?: Peo... Read More »

Is spanking a child considered child abuse?

Legally Disciplinary Spanking Is Not Considered Child Abuse However Some people consider spanking to be child abuse and some don't. According to US laws Disciplinary Spanking Is Not Child Abuse.. ... Read More »