Can chickens pass parasites through their eggs to humans?

Answer On One Hand: Green FarmingGreen farming--as opposed to commercial farming--is an efficient and effective way of reducing or eliminating parasitic bacteria in plants and animals. The benefits of gre... Read More »

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Can humans get parasites in their ears?

On One Hand: Animal ParasitesHumans don't typically get parasites in their ears, but animals infected with mites sometimes transfer the parasites to humans, according to BirdMites.Org. Bird mites, ... Read More »

How to Keep Chickens from Eating Their Own Eggs?

There might be some chickens that will start to eat their own eggs. By keeping a close watch on them, you can find out if this is happening. If it is, you should take steps to make sure that they d... Read More »

Im a vegan but i have just bought some chickens as pets so is it ok to ear their eggs? meat or dairy products....eggs included!i bet your one of those vegans who still eats bacon...

Cat Parasites & Humans?

Zoonotic diseases are infections that can be passed from animals to humans. In some zoonotic infections, humans and animals will exhibit the same symptoms. In others, the infectious agent responds ... Read More »