How to Add New Chickens to a Flock?

Answer Whether you are just starting a chicken flock or are a seasoned owner of many chickens, you need to know how to add new chickens to a flock. You want to avoid introducing disease and parasites into... Read More »

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What are chickens adaptations?

Are chickens colorblind?

Chickens can not only see colors like humans--they actually can see better than humans, thanks to an extra cone in their retinas that allows them to see violet and ultraviolet light. Chickens' eyes... Read More »

Can chickens get mange?

Chickens can get mange caused by a variety of species of mites. Examples of mites that can caused mange on chickens are Knemidocoptes mutans, Epidermoptes bilobatus, Ornithonyssus sylviarum, and De... Read More »

What do baby chickens need?

Baby chickens are not born prepared to face the world and need a lot of help to survive their first weeks of life. Not only should the needs of food and water be met, but also shelter and plenty of... Read More »