Can chicken pox be dangerous for babies under one year?

Answer it would depend on how healthy the baby is or has been in the past if it is healthy and not been very sick in the past it wont pose much of a threat but if hes been ill in the past then he could be... Read More »

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Is measles dangerous to newborn babies?

If your baby got a fever you should take him/her to the doctor so that they can provide some type of medicine for it.

Is sour milk dangerous for babies?

It could be. A baby's digestive system might not be able to handle the bacteria. Talk to your doctor.

Did blood infaction dangerous for new born babies?

Yes, they need treatment. We as adults has been sick many times and our immune system is better. Babies still need time to build theirs.

Is cleaner lubricant protectant dangerous to nersing babies?

AnswerThis is information straight from the MSDS (medical safety data sheet) for CLP (cleaner lubricant protectant).Health Hazards Acute and Chronic:INHALATION- RESPIRATORY IRRITATION AND DISCOMFO... Read More »