Can chewing gum hurt dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Chewing Gum Can Harm DogsXylitol is an artificial sweetener that is used in many food products, including chewing gum, mints, nutrition bars and candies. Xylitol, even in small amounts... Read More »

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How to Get Dogs to Stop Chewing?

Are you plagued by excessive chewing? Is your canine pal driving you crazy by shredding your favourite shoes? Are you ready to do almost anything to put an end to this destruction? Read on to disco... Read More »

How to Stop Dogs From Chewing Wood?

Chewing on wood is a normal behavior for dogs of all ages. Like human babies, puppies chew to relieve the pain of new teeth coming in and to explore their new world; older dogs chew to keep their t... Read More »

Is chewing gum or breath mints toxic to dogs?

On One Hand: Xylitol is dangerousChewing gum and breath mints should be kept from dogs because these products can contain xylitol, a common sugar substitute used in sugar-free products. Xylitol st... Read More »

Can birdseed hurt dogs if they eat it?

On One Hand: It Can Be HarmfulEating birdseed has the potential to harm dogs. According to veterinarian Jill Bowen at, the birdseed can ferment in their digestive tract causing s... Read More »