Can cherry juice concentrate be harmful?

Answer On One Hand: There are Some Health Side EffectsCherry juice concentrate is high in sugar and can cause problems for diabetic sufferers. According to, cherry juice can also agg... Read More »

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What is the difference between cherry juice&cherry cider?

Though both cherry juice and cherry cider are made with at least some cherry juice, they are two completely different kinds of drinks with different appearances, purposes and flavors.IngredientsChe... Read More »

Apple juice concentrate, expired?

Fermented won't hurt you big time, tho some cramps may happen. Don't drink any more, eat something to absorb it in you stomach like bread and see what happens.

How is orange juice concentrate made?

Orange juice concentrate is a product made from condensed, fresh squeezed orange juice. The concentrate is sold refrigerated or frozen and is mixed with water to make orange juice for drinking.Harv... Read More »

How is water removed from juice concentrate?

Frozen juice concentrate has been around since the 1940s. It is made from freshly-squeezed juice that has been heat-pasteurized. The juice then goes through several processes to remove water for lo... Read More »