Can charcaol be used as refrigerator deodorizer?

Answer Answer Yes it can, I have had a bowl with charcoal in it in my fridge for 17 years. It works very well. The charcoal should be changed every month or two but don't throw it out, it still works fi... Read More »

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Homemade Refrigerator Deodorizer?

Forgotten leftovers, spilled food and unwelcome bacteria can leave your refrigerator with a decidedly unappetizing odor. Ignoring foul smells in the refrigerator usually just makes the problem wors... Read More »

How to Make Car Deodorizer?

Got a stink or musty smell in your car that you just can't get rid of? Baking soda works the same magic in automobiles as it does in refrigerators and freezers. By popping several containers of bak... Read More »

How do you make a garbage deodorizer?

Answer Actually, the best thing for garbage smells is baking soda. It absorbs odors without being perfumed or having harmful chemicals. Herbs alone really aren't strong enough for the task.

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer?

Considering we walk all over them, carpets can get quite dirty and odors can linger long after the initial mess has been cleaned up -- especially when you include pets and children in the mix. Whil... Read More »