Can changing the PSU solve my low voltage problem?

Answer Probably not.If you're experiencing problems with local AC power, you need a UPS (uniterruptible power supply) which is also known as a battery back-up system. Those regulate voltage and act as po... Read More »

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How to solve the Voltage problems in using a Japanese LCD TV in India ?

Check the warnings and notices at the back of the TV where the power cord enters into the equipment. It usually says 100 - 240v AC 50 ~ 60 Hz. If it does, you can directly plug it into AC in Indi... Read More »

Voltage and frequency problem?

Transformers convert voltage only; they cannot convert frequency.There is no way to compensate for that, no matter what convoluted (and possibly dangerous) tricks anyone may suggest.If an appliance... Read More »

Why some USB ports do not work Is it due to low voltage problem ?

Due to repeated entries and exits (in & out)(nothing porn. lol), the port becomes loose and contacts frequently lost. Many work by pushing up or down. Frequent use also causes wear & tear leading t... Read More »

Changing my name on Facebook problem!?

facebook will not let you use letters from more than one alphabet - and keep in mind you can only change your name 3 times and then you wont be able to change it anymorefacebook expects you to use ... Read More »