Can change the pitch using Sony Vegas?

Answer Most certainly! Put in your audio, right click it, then go to Apply Non-Real-Time Event FX. After that go to Pitch Shift. Change your pitch and click OK.Voila!Glad I could help, fellow Sony Vegasia... Read More »

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How do you pitch a song by a girl and make it sound like a guy on Sony Vegas?

What I do to make a male voice (sort of it doesn't work for all female songs) you add the song to the timeline and right-click the audio song on the timeline and right at the bottom of the drop-dow... Read More »

Can i render a video using sony vegas from my laptop?

I agree with Lance L... and add one more item...Since you know you will be doing video editing and rendering, consider getting/using an external hard disc drive for the video editing project files.... Read More »

What is the difference on sony vegas pro 11 and sony movie studio HD platinium 10.0?

the main difference between Vegas Pro (any version) and Movie Studio (any version) is that Pro allows as many tracks (layers) of audio and video as needed on the time line. Movie Studio is limited... Read More »

Is sony vegas video editing software free or with any discount when you buy a sony camcorder?

I don't think so, though it's got to be worth haggling if you're buying them from the same shop. Sony's a big company - there isn't much of a connection between the different groups.B&H have Vegas... Read More »