Can chalk kill?

Answer im not sure, but i know that overtime eating chalk can form balls of fiber ( hair looking) in ur stomach.

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Are chalk and dust cravings normal while pregnant and is it safe to eat chalk?

Cravings for non-food things (chalk, dirt, tin foil, that sort of thing) is called Pica. It can occur from a nutritional deficiency, and for other reasons.You should contact your doctor or midwife ... Read More »

Why do people eat chalk?

because they think its cocaine. duh.

Why do we put chalk on the end of a pool cue?

Chalk aids in preventing miscues--those strokes in pool where the cue slides or slips off the cue ball. Chalk helps create friction between the cue tip and the ball, thus preventing miscues.History... Read More »

How to Do a Chalk Prank?

Does your teacher always call on your classmates to clean the blackboard? Then this super easy prank is perfect for you.