Can people track you once your off their wifi?

Answer When you connect to a wireless service, all they see is a log entry saying something like MAC 00-7C-4D-90-B6-21 associated with the wireless access point in the library at 11:13:34 A.M. When you l... Read More »

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Track people by cell phone?

Follow the link for some tested cell phone tracker apps on the market:…Hope it helps.

Is there any way to track IP addresses for the people that post to Y!A?

there's a fraud and abuse email. Answers Abuse, try this. they probably won't tell you who she is, but they'll get rid of her (again) and may suspend her IP address?I had to write them once. I t... Read More »

Websites Used to Track What People Search for Online?

There are many reasons why you would want to know what people are searching for online. You may want to know whether people are actively searching for your name or your business. You may also want ... Read More »

Why do so many people get killed crossing the rail track?

Actually Chris, no one whom pays attention and has some understanding gets hurt or is in any danger.The problem occurs with impatience, stupidity, and a lack of respect.The railroad is not the prob... Read More »