Can ceramic tile be installed over linoleum?

Answer Although not advised, ceramic tile may be placed directly over linoleum under certain conditions. The linoleum should not be cushioned, and it must be securely adhered to the subfloor. If the linol... Read More »

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Can ceramic tile be put in on a linoleum floor?

If the sub-floor beneath your linoleum is stable and level, you can install ceramic tile over it. Remove all wood trim and nails and thoroughly clean the floor. Place an underlayment, such as cemen... Read More »

Can you put linoleum tiles over ceramic tile?

You could, but I wouldn't recommend it. You would have to fill all the grout lines with floor leveler and a tile floor is not smooth. Some of the edges would show through the linoleum.

Can ceramic tile be laid over linoleum?

Never install ceramic tile over linoleum. You would not expect proper adhesion of the mastic that glues the tile to the floor, and the slight flex of the linoleum under the tile would eventually ca... Read More »

Can I Lay Ceramic Tile Over Linoleum Over Concrete?

Ceramic tile can be laid over linoleum that is sitting over concrete. The linoleum must be both smooth and rigid for the ceramic tiles to be installed properly. If ceramic tiles are laid over a rou... Read More »