Can ceramic floor tiles be used on countertops?

Answer According to Handy American, ceramic floor tile is recommended for countertops because it usually is made of harder ceramics, is stain resistant and generally is more durable than tile made for cou... Read More »

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Can you use ceramic floor tiles on countertops?

Ceramic floor tiles can be used on countertops. Check that the tiles you are using are already glazed, which means that they are permanently sealed by the manufacturer. This information is usually ... Read More »

How to Remove Old Ceramic Floor Tiles?

Known for its attractiveness and durability, ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, tastes change and with these changes comes a lot of dirty work. In fact, just the... Read More »

Can you lay ceramic tiles over wooden floor?

Most ceramic tiles are laid over a wooden subfloor, except for those on the ground floor of a house with a slab foundation.I will add to the answer above by saying that you will need to use a polym... Read More »

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles Over Vinyl?

If you have a vinyl floor and want to move up to ceramic tile, you can lay the ceramic over the vinyl with the proper preparation. Before laying the tile, make sure the vinyl is solid and firmly ad... Read More »