Can centipedes bite or sting?

Answer yeah they can bite. It all depends on the species if its poisonous or not. Some aren't venomous at all and some have a bite that packs a nasty punch, and drop youdead within five minutes. But do... Read More »

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Do silverfish bite or sting?

The insects called silverfish do not bite or sting. While they are household pests, silverfish have no direct harmful effects on humans. They have no wings or stingers and get into your home via sh... Read More »

Bee Sting or Spider Bite (10 Points)?

You should take an antihistamine. Sounds like a reaction to the bite. Keep your foot elevated, and continue 15 minutes on / 15 minutes off with the ice. Do not put the ice directly on your skin... Read More »

Mysterious bug bite or insect sting?

It is most likely a sting from some flying insect. It is impossible to know what it might have been since we don't even know what area of the country you were in. It could have been a bee, a wasp... Read More »

Do carpenter bees sting or bite?

The male carpenter bee does not sting or bite and is easily identifiable because of the white markings on its face. Female carpenter bees, however, can and will sting and bite if handled. Otherwise... Read More »