Do cell phones cause brain cancer?

Answer Studies being made now show that within 10 years time a cell phone user can develop brain cancer. However, you've probably read these articles. If not, google them and I'm sure they'll come up.

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Can cell phones really cause brain cancer?

No. There is no clinical scientific evidence that cell phones cause brain cancer in human beings.ACS: Cellular Phones…"there is now considerable epidemiolo... Read More »

If cell phones really cause cancer how long &/or how much use does it take?

cell phones emitts radiation just like when you are connecting wireless on a laptops. but cell phones has less radiation therefore it should take along time until you get cancer. maybe when you get... Read More »

Is Cell phones linked to Cancer?

No, more research needs to be done. In the meantime though, it wouldn't hurt to use a headset (which you should be using while driving anyway).

Can cell phones cause headaches?

Answer If your wife is having frequent headaches, then you should really have her see a doctor as it is quite unlikely to be caused by RF radiation. The answers that offer "tachyon energy cells" or... Read More »