Can cell phone texts be traced?

Answer Cell phone texts can easily be traced. Each text someone sends or receives is saved, at least for a while, by wireless service providers. The tracing and retrieval of cell phone texts has even been... Read More »

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Can a stolen cell phone be traced?

A stolen cell phone can be traced through cellular tower triangulation or through the phone's internal GPS receiver (if applicable). Additionally, applications are available for some mobile phones ... Read More »

How do i check cell phone texts?

Select the "Menu" button on your cell phone. This will allow you to access your main menu to navigate through the various programs on your cell phone. Scroll through your programs to find your te... Read More »

Cell phone texts messages?

Actually you want becuz I have had this happen to me and I got none of the old txt so its just basically like that phone number doesn't exist anymore until someone else gets it that is why its alwa... Read More »

Metro PCS cell phone texts?

For Metro PCS, you can email text messages from your email account to the Metro PCS phone. To do this, you just sign into your email account, any email service will do, and then you compose a messa... Read More »