Can cell phone companies record your incoming and outgoing calls?

Answer Well seeings how it is something being transmitted on their towers the answer is yes... However this would infringe on certain laws. If word ever leaked that they were or even an employee was the c... Read More »

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Do cell phone companies charge for incoming calls on a cruise ship?

You will be charged a roaming fee for incoming calls on a cruise. You will be charged roaming fees for cell phone usage on a cruise ship, including data usage. Find out if your cell phone company o... Read More »

How do I block incoming calls to a cell phone?

Contact your cell phone service provider and ask to speak with their security department. In most situations, it is not possible to block individual numbers from reaching a cell phone, but service ... Read More »

What is the ringtone on your cell phone right now for incoming calls?

I have 3Dirty Little secret by All American Rejects for my "normal calls"The Reason by Hoobastank (sp?) for my bf's calls because its the first song we ever slow danced to.Satisfaction by The Rolli... Read More »

How do you block incoming calls on cell phone?

You can block calls and texts, depending on what type of cell phone you have and what carrier you have. For example, some cell phones models allow you to block calls from any number not in your dir... Read More »