How to Control Stray Cats?

Answer A stray catIf left uncontrolled, stray cats can breed and easily develop into large feral colonies, especially in rural areas. They can carry diseases and parasites, kill birds vital for keeping do... Read More »

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Brands of Flea Control for Cats?

Whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors, it is possible for your cat to pick up fleas. A number of flea control products are available to owners to help with mild to severe infestations. Many ar... Read More »

How to Use Parsley As a Birth Control for Cats?

neutering cats can be expensive and hard on the cat so is letting them get pregnant over and over, but parsley is cheep and easy. these are two methods that work well.

Is Borax Safe to Use around Cats for Flea Control?

On One Hand: Borax as PesticideBorax is a natural element also known as sodium borate or sodium tetraborate; the product is mined in California (among other places in the U.S.), Turkey, Chile and T... Read More »

Can advantage flea control for cats cause hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is not a known side effect of Advantage flea control for cats. Because Advantage is topical rather than ingested, it's unlikely that this medication would cause the enlarged thyroid... Read More »