Can cats contract hiv from humans?

Answer On One Hand: Virus TransferenceIt is highly unlikely that a feline would be able to contract the HIV virus from a human. The HIV virus is transferred through human to human contact. Since the virus... Read More »

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What Types of Parasites Can Humans Contract?

Human beings are infected by two different types of parasitic organisms. Protozoans, which are single-celled organisms, cause a number of different diseases -- while helminths or parasitic worms li... Read More »

Can cats get lice from humans?

On One Hand: Human Lice Need Human BloodAccording to the Merck Veterinary Manual, "Lice are largely host-specific, living on one species or several closely related species." The types of lice that ... Read More »

Why do cats groom humans?

Humans frequently wonder why their cats "groom" them. It's actually a sign of affection, not fear for your hygiene.BirthBefore a cat can even see, the first thing it feels is its mother licking and... Read More »

I have heard rumor that HIV originated from apes. How did humans contract this virus then?

Obviously, someone f--cked a monkey. Duh LOL. :)