Can cats climb vinyl fences?

Answer On One Hand: Cats Can Climb VinylIf a cat is healthy and has all its claws, then there is nothing to stop it from climbing a regular, plain vinyl fence. The sharp claws are able to stick into even... Read More »

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Can skunks climb fences?

Skunks can climb fences, but usually do not do climbing of any kind. Their preferred means of getting around an object is digging under it rather than climbing over it.Source:Internet Center For Wi... Read More »

Are vinyl fences durable?

On One Hand: Flexible Vinyl Is Very DurableThe durability of a flexible vinyl fence is generally excellent. It is resistant to weather and can often be bent and still return to its intended shape. ... Read More »

Types of Vinyl Fences?

A variety of different materials are available with which homeowners can make fences. Chain link, wooden posts and steel poles are all options that homeowners can pick, but vinyl is an option, too.... Read More »

Are vinyl picket fences tacky?

On One Hand: It Depends on Your NeighborhoodIf you live in a neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes, then, yes, a vinyl picket fence might fall on the "tacky" side of things. Look around--wha... Read More »