Can cats be allergic to dust mites?

Answer Cats can experience four types of allergies: contact, flea, food and inhalant. The most common one, the inhalant allergy, is caused by being allergic to pollens, molds, mildews and even dust mites.... Read More »

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Do you ever start looking around your house thinking of dust mites, all the mites in your bed......?

When I first saw this science show about dust mites and how they look under a microscope it really did freak me out. We drop all of these dead skin cells and that's what they eat. How disgusting! ... Read More »

If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?

Allergies to birds? It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautio... Read More »

Are dust mites bad?

On One Hand: Dust Mites Are CommonExposure to dust mites is unavoidable because they are in every environment. You'll most commonly find dust mites in the home within bedding, furniture and carpeti... Read More »

How do I clean up dust mites?

Purify the AirClean the air with an air purifier daily. An air purifier helps remove dust from the air and keeps allergens from dust mites at a minimum.DustDust daily. Use a dampened cloth to remov... Read More »