Can catholics swear to god in court?

Answer Catholics can swear to God in court. According to the Holy See's interpretation of the catechism, the Catholic Church's tradition allows for oaths made for "grave and right reasons" (e.g. in a cour... Read More »

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Is there a time limit for filing an answer in state court after remand from federal court?

There is a time limit to file an answer in state court, after remand from federal court. Each state specifies this limit within their judicial codes. Arkansas, for instance, allows 20 days in most ... Read More »

How Do I Find My Court Date in Washington State Federal District Court?

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a database that contains information on cases in the federal district courts. The system holds more than 500 million case files, including those... Read More »

Do US military personnel have the same constitutional rights in a court-martial as they do in civilian court?

US military personnel DO have Constitutional rights but in many respects the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not parallel the civilian court system. The two are not really comparable.

Can the Military Court of Appeals overturn the decision of the US Supreme Court?

No. The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (Military Court of Appeals) and the US Supreme Court are in separate chains of authority. The former is a military court (an Article I tribunal), whil... Read More »