Can cataract surgery change your eyeglass prescription?

Answer On One Hand: If You Desire a ChangeAccording to, during cataract surgery the ophthalmologist, or eye surgeon, will generally replace the human lens in your eye with an artificial... Read More »

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Are my eyeglass prescription going to be thick!!?

As long as you don't pick out a huge frame, the lenses should be OK, even the cheap lenses, in an average plastic frame, will be just about the thickness of the plastic (won't be like super thick &... Read More »

Is -2(left) and -0.25(right) a weak or stronger eyeglass prescription?

The -2.00 left eye prescription is in the middle range of a mild prescription for nearsightedness which is -1 to -3 diopters. Your right eye is a very mild prescription. If both of your eyes were... Read More »

Do you get put to sleep for cataract surgery?

On One Hand: Numbing Is Preferred by SurgeonsCataract surgery anesthetics do not put patients "to sleep." Instead they numb the surgical site by direct application (topical), injection (local) or b... Read More »

How much is cataract surgery for dogs?

The cost of cataract surgery for your dog can vary. The cost depends on the length of stay at the hospital and the area where you live. Individual veterinarians set their own prices, but the range ... Read More »