Can cat cry syndrome be detected before its symptoms appear?

Answer A child with cat-cry syndrome, also known as cri du chat syndrome, will exhibit symptoms from birth including low birth weight, a small head and a cry that sounds like a cat. A prenatal test can de... Read More »

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Do pregnancy symptoms appear sooner if pregnant with multiples I am so very sick to my stomach and my nipples are tender. My ulta-sound before conception showed multiple eggs.?

It all just depends. You should be glad to be having all of the symptoms--they reflect good hormone levels. I know that doesn't help the sickness, though.

Could slight cramping below the belly button and sore breasts be a sign of pregnancy even if they appear before your missed period and you don't have any other symptoms?

Answer this could be a sign of pregnancy however this could be a sign that youmay be soon due to start your period. a home test will be able to tell you if you are pregnant the first day that your ... Read More »

What happens if a new car has a defect not detected before delivery?

If a new car has a defect and it is not found during an inspection before delivery, the dealership is responsible for the damage. In some cases, the dealership can bill the damage to the shipping c... Read More »

What are the symptoms of mono, and how long before the symptoms start to show?

you dont have to kiss someone to get mono. sharing utensils and drinking glasses is enough. mixture of one persons bodily fluids (spit is a great one...hence the whole kissing disease name) with yo... Read More »