Can castor oil harm baby?

Answer No it will not. You will defecate after taking it and thus facilitate labor.

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Will taking castor harm an unborn baby?

If you are planning on taking Castor Oil to induce labour it's method of working is to upset the mothers stomach causing diarrhea. This in turn stimulates the uterus to contract and begin labour. H... Read More »

I am 36 weeks with a baby that's already 6.5 lbs i am miserable. my doctor sucks and the past 3 days ive been having contractions nothing real is it safe for the baby to take castor oil?

Answer It's not uncommon for some women to feel pretty uncomfortable when this far along in pregnancy and just want it over with. Most doctors will give up to 2 weeks past the due date to be on t... Read More »

Will eating baby powder while pregnant harm your baby?

yeah that's a good answer would you? Umm how much are you planning to eat? If it has already happened how much did you consume? Oh how I hope you're kidding on this one but srsly no prbly not. ... Read More »

Can castor oil and vinegar hurt your baby?

If you as an expecting mother take this, the chances are that it might induce labor. castor oil doesn't cause contractions, it casues diareah. all the tummy churning, cramping and dehydration equal... Read More »