â€œCan carrots help improve your vision?

Answer no matter how many carrots a blind person eats.....they won't be able to see any better

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If you mess up your vision, can you repair it by eating carrots?

Carrots are a lie. We used technology to find planes in the sky, and we lied to prevent people from finding out. We said carrots gave us great vision to see the planes in the sky. -.-

Do carrots improve your eyesight ?

Carrots themselves do not but the Beta-Carotene, an actual mineral does help with preventing eye degeneration, other foods have BC, like sweet potato's, squash, pumpkin, fruits to.

Do carrots really improve your eye sight?

A diet with sufficient vitamin A, iron and other provitamins (substances that our bodies can convert into vitamins) is vital for eye health.There are two types of vitamin A: retinoids and carotenoi... Read More »

Is it true that carrots can improve your sight?

of course, the vegetable is rich of antioxidants:> peace