Can carpet in a flooded basement be salvaged?

Answer On One Hand: If You Dry It QuicklyAccording to Allergy Consumer Review, you can salvage a flooded carpet if you dry it within 48 hours of the flooding and if the material is synthetic. Mold is less... Read More »

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Basement is flooded now?

Pump it out. Use a "Roofing Pump" which plugs into an outlet and connects to a standard garden hose. One of many options is linked below. Notify your landlord in writing by certified mail that you ... Read More »

How do I dry out a flooded basement?

Pump out the WaterCall the insurance company and the fire department to pump seriously flooded basements. For smaller jobs, use a portable pump. Rent a portable pump from an equipment rental store ... Read More »

How to Sanitize a Flooded Basement?

All basements can flood. Even with the best drainage, the subterranean room may eventually accumulate water. Removing the water from the room is the first in many steps to sanitizing the area. Bact... Read More »

How do I clean up a flooded basement?

Assess the amount of water in your basement. A small amount of water can be cleaned with a mop and dried with towels. For a large amount of water, use a wet vacuum or sump pump to suck up the water... Read More »