Can canna bulbs be started from seed inside the house?

Answer Canna bulbs can be started from seed indoors. They need to be either in a greenhouse or sitting in a windowsill that gets lots of light, and placed in pots or seed trays filled with multipurpose co... Read More »

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How do I dig up canna bulbs?

Dig up canna bulbs, called rhizomes, in the fall after the first frost. Use a garden fork to lift the rhizomes. Push the fork into the soil 8 to 10 inches away from the canna stems and gently lift.... Read More »

How do I store canna bulbs in winter?

Removing BulbsDig canna bulbs from the ground after the first frost of autumn has browned the greenery, making sure not to damage the bulb or root structure. Shake each bulb vigorously or rinse wit... Read More »

How do I winterize canna lily bulbs?

Pulling the BulbDig the bulb after the foliage has been killed by the first frost. Either plant the bulb in a pot to be stored or store the bulb uncovered in a shallow box.CuringTrim the foliage to... Read More »

Can lavender be started from seed?

You can start lavender from seed, but it will take about a month before the seeds begin to germinate. Lavender seeds need scarification--the act of slitting the seeds' outer coats to stimulate germ... Read More »