Can candles be made from mineral oil?

Answer Yes, candles can be made from mineral oil. Gel candles in particular are made from a mixture of mineral oil and resin. Mineral oil is also called liquid paraffin, liquid petroleum and white mineral... Read More »

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What are tealight candles made from?

A candle maker uses aluminum tealight cups, a wick and candle wax to make tealight candles. Tealight candles are miniature versions of traditional candles, and the process to make both is similar.... Read More »

What are tea light candles made from?

Tea light candles can be made of soy, paraffin or blended wax, fragrance or essential oil, a cotton or zinc core wick and candle coloring. Not all tea light candles have coloring and fragrance, but... Read More »

What mineral is camera film made from?

The film used in cameras contains silver, limestone and petroleum products. The camera that the film goes into also contains petroleum products as well as silica, zinc, copper and aluminum.Source:U... Read More »

What mineral are computer chips made from?

Computer chips are made from a mineral known as silicon. Though silicon is not the only material used to produce computer chips, it is the easiest and cheapest material to fashion into complicated ... Read More »