Can cancer go away without treatment?

Answer YES.I love how all these people say it's rare. It is rare for spontaneous regression to be documented because cancers are always treated! We simply don't know how common it is for them to go away... Read More »

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Does a cancer patient have the right to refuse treatment without fearing forced treatment?

Yes.In fact its vest to refuse treatment from the mainstream meducal profession, and seek an alternative treatment. There are many cures available.Read this report. Read More »

Do yeast infections go away without treatment?

On One Hand: Infections need treatmentThe Department of Health and Human Services notes that yeast infections are caused by an "overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans." While the infection can b... Read More »

Can pink eye go away by itself Is it harmful to leave it without treatment?

Just go to the pharmacist and get some eye drops specifically for pink (red) eye. No prescription needed for the stuff on the shelves. I got a container about 2 weeks ago. It cost about $7. It work... Read More »

Life Expectancy for Breast Cancer Without Treatment?

Some women suffering from breast cancer refuse treatment. Some choose faith in a higher power over medicine, some feel the treatment will be worse than the disease, others may distrust the medical ... Read More »