Can canaries live with finches?

Answer On One Hand: Diet and Lifestyle Factors ConflictCanaries living with finches typically become overweight from the higher-fat diet of a finch. The finches song also disrupts the song of a canary and... Read More »

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Chlamydia in Finches & Canaries?

Chlamydia is a type of intracellular parasite that attacks caged birds, such as canaries, finches and parrots. It's also commonly referred to as chlamydiosis, psittacosis or Parrot Fever. This infe... Read More »

Can canaries live with scarlet-chested parrots?

According to the Avicultural Society of Australia, the scarlet-chested parrot is a quiet, gentle bird that can be housed in large aviaries with other peaceful parrots and finches, including canarie... Read More »

How long do zebra finches live?

Although some zebra finches can live up to 12 years as pets, most have a life span of between three and eight years, according to the website In the wild, zebra finches live about ... Read More »

Can I house zebra finches& spice finches in the same cage?

Finches have individual personalities. While zebra finches are generally too aggressive to live peaceably with spice finches, some unusually docile individuals will adapt to the interspecies relati... Read More »