Can cameras go underwater to take pictures of the Titanic?

Answer They can and have, but some photos were not released publicly. Within the interior, there is almost no light, so floodlights and strobes were used. In 2010, many new photos and diagrams were releas... Read More »

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Why don't cameras take round pictures?

Some might do - depends on what camera or settings they have. There are some that can. While the lens produces a circular image, it was easier to fit square or rectangular images onto a strip of f... Read More »

Do nikon cameras take good pictures?

The quality of a Nikon depends on the models, but typically in the models from the past couple years the image stabilizers inside the lower end models are fairly cheap. This means that most of the ... Read More »

How much are underwater disposable cameras?

Underwater disposable cameras typically cost between $5 and $20 each. The type and quantity of film affect the price you can expect to pay, as does the brand of the camera and the place where you p... Read More »

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