Can calling cards be used with TracFones?

Answer TracFones do not use standard calling cards. Rather, they use prepaid cellular airtime cards. Alternatively, rather than purchasing a physical card, you can purchase airtime for a TracFone online. ... Read More »

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Can calling cards be used to attend a conference call?

Yes, a calling card can be used to attend a conference call. To use the calling card, dial the number as normally and enter the card's passcode. Then call the conference phone number as you would n... Read More »

Do TracFones have SIM cards?

Some TracFones have SIM cards, but not all TracFones. Customers who purchase TracFones with SIM cards must sign an agreement that they will not allow any unauthorized people to use the information... Read More »

How to Switch SIM Cards in TracFones?

TracFones are prepaid phones that offer pay-as-you-go freedom without a contract. If you want to buy a new TracFone, you can replace the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card with the SIM card from... Read More »

How are Calling cards billed?

I use much better card No fee, no tax, bonus minutes