Can business owners get unemployment benefits?

Answer Depending on how the business was set up, a business owner may be eligible for unemployment benefits. If the owner classified himself as an employee of the company where he earned a wage and paid i... Read More »

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Benefits for Small Business Owners?

The decision to start a business can be a daunting one for many people, but there are many benefits for small business owners that may not be readily seen at first. These benefits can sway your min... Read More »

If I was self employed and closed the business, am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

No, right now you have to be laid off, a business owner I believe has to go it alone,under this bail out bill you might be in luck because its protects you also, small business.

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and then start receiving Social Security Disability Benefits can you still collect unemployment?

The reasoning behind the Disability Benefits program, is to grant a monthly check to those people who are "no longer able" to perform the duties required to hold their job, or work due to some medi... Read More »

Can you collect both unemployment benefits and social security disability benefits at the same time in California?

No, It does not . Accidents are one category of Travel Insurance Packages.