Can burned CDs play on CD Players?

Answer yes as long as there not burned as mp3s if they are then they wont play on a cd player you will have to play them on a dvd player or on your pc.

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What Blue ray DVD players will play burned DVD discs?

No there are many that have have information on individual Blu Ray disc releases like for North America. The Blu-Ray Disc Association continues to promote and develop the business opport... Read More »

Are there 'DVD players' for my PC burned DVD-Rs?

Give it up.Is your small screen television a standard def model - only accepts 480 lines? Why do you think a DVD player would 'magically' be able to un-compress .MKV or "pro" files, down-convert e... Read More »

Can old PS2s play burned CDs?

Yes, burned CDs can be played by old Playstation 2s. In order to burn a PS2 disc, you must have compatible copying software, a PS2 boot disc or Mod Chip, and proper copy media.References:Game Copy ... Read More »

How do I get a burned DVD to play on my DVD player?

You may have to upgrade your DVD player. Not all players will accept burned dvds. Usually the lower end (priced) models won't.