Can bunny rabbits eat Boston fern?

Answer A rabbit will eat any plant available if they are hungry enough, including Boston ferns. They generally prefer to eat fruits and vegetables out of a garden, but clover is also a favorite food. Rabb... Read More »

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Is a Boston fern the same as a sword fern?

The terms Boston and sword fern both refer to the same plant, the Nephrolepis exaltata. Native to tropical regions, the fern ranges from 6 in. to 7 ft. in height and usually grows to widths of 2 ft... Read More »

How do i pot a boston fern?

Massage RootsMassage the root mass of the fern gently. Remove clumps of old soil in the roots without tearing the roots.Cut RootsEncourage the old roots to sprout by making vertical slices in a few... Read More »

What is a boston fern?

A Boston fern is a type of green plant that is commonly used as an indoor decorative plant, particularly in hanging baskets. The Boston fern is sometimes referred to as the sword fern or by its sci... Read More »

Can I cut down my rose bush with a chain saw - & say the bunny rabbits ate it ?

If you promise to bring it right back you can use mine :)