Can brown eye and hazel eye make hazel baby?

Answer Yes. The genetics of eye color are more complex than previously understood. Almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur.

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Can hazel eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Hazel is a form of brown eyes. Brown eyes are a dominant gene, blue are recessive. The person with the hazel eyes has a brown eyed blood realitive and will carry the gene to create a brown eyed chi... Read More »

How do you make brown eyes into hazel?

Use contact lenses that are hazel coloured or get the things like contact lenses but they only change colour of eye once in and doesnt effect your eyesight.

If you have brown eyes how can you make them hazel?

duck you head in salt water. The hazel coloring in temporary

How do you make hazel eyes dark brown?

Tinted contacts is the only way to "change" one's eye color.