Can broken bones heal themselves?

Answer That's what they do inside a plaster cast, isn't it?

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How to Heal Broken Bones?

A broken bone, your doctor would be able to spot it.Accidents happen so quickly, you are never protected against a broken bone.Did you know 40% of bone fractures happen at home? And that 6.3 millio... Read More »

How to Heal Broken Bones in "Sims 2 Pets"?

The most popular computer game of all time has resulted in the marketing of many new versions of The Sims since its original platform. In the beginning, EA Games brought out many expansion packs f... Read More »

Do Pimples heal themselves naturally?

Yes , generally they last about one-three days and by the third day they tend to fall off themselves in the shower once you wash your face. Do not ever pop a pimple!

Is it possible for brain cells to heal by themselves?

Hmm, I had a stroke and had to relearn several motions and grips and functions. So I would venture to say, yes, either healing damage from the clot or creating new pathways as you gain more function.