Can breathing cold air cause lightheadedness?

Answer On One Hand: Breathing Cold Air Can Cause LightheadednessBreathing in cold air can cause lightheadedness in at least one direct way. According to Murray Grossan, MD, cold air can strike sinus membr... Read More »

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Having a hard time breathing What could be the cause?

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a billowing of mitral valve leaflets into the left atrium during systole. The most common cause is idiopathic myxomatous degeneration. MVP is usually benign, but comp... Read More »

Does whole wheat bread cause breathing problems?

On One Hand: Allergic ReactionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a person with an allergy to the protein in wheat can have difficulty breathing if he consumes products containing it. In severe cases, wh... Read More »

What injuries would cause a person to stop breathing?

A person could be in Respiratory Distress: If a person has a severe asthma attack, or an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) their breathing can become extremely labored. If a person inhales smoke from... Read More »

Does an abscessed tooth affect your breathing at all or cause back pains of any kind?

Answer Abscesses of the teeth occur because the tooth has become non vital, ie it has died from either a traumatic accident or decay or a leaky filling with decay underneath. This causes dead mater... Read More »