Can breast tenderness start in less than a week after having sex?

Answer Answer braest tenderness I dont think so.

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What is the difference between breast tenderness when pregnant and breast tenderness from PMS?

Could having more energy than normal and being hungrier than normal one week after possible ovulation mean you are pregnant?

Answer This is very possible. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body's metabolism increases, thus providing more energy. Progesterone can soon kick in and act as a natural sedative, draining ... Read More »

How do you fix a gap in your front teeth that developed less than a year after having braces removed?

dental help!!! you should really either go to a dental higenist (my mum) or you could try online dentist services... Answer talk to your doctor

How long after conception does breast tenderness happen?

Answer a couple of day to a couple of weeks it all depends. I have 3 kids and every time was different. Answer If they are going to get tender, somewhere around the first missed period, that happ... Read More »