Can breast cancer metastasize with no lymph node involvement?

Answer On One Hand: Bloodstream InvolvementWhen cancerous cells break off of a tumor, the bloodstream or the lymphatic system can carry the cells to other parts of the body. According to the American Canc... Read More »

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Is a painful&enlarged armpit lymph node cancer?

On One Hand: Painful Lymph Nodes Could Be CancerA swollen, painful lymph node in the armpit could be an indication of cancer. Cancers which may cause this symptom include leukemia, Hodgkin's and no... Read More »

I'm an 56 female I have had an enlarged lymph node in my groin for two months now , , could it be cancer?

Impossible to tell from that, have it looked at.

Could a bump on your head with a scab and a painless swollen lymph node on the same side be cancer or an infection or neither?

Answer Hi BarbaraLymph nodes are the filtering system of our bodies and people with high allergy problems can also have problems with basically "clogged" lymph nodes. I know you must be afraid to ... Read More »

Recently had cancer this morning noticed 1 swollen stationary tender lymph node a bit worried any thoughts?

if it is really tender, that makes me think not of a cancerous or lymphomatous node but of infection. if your chemo has made you immunosuppressed you are at a higher risk for infection, so i would ... Read More »