Can brain swelling cause leg injury?

Answer On One Hand: Brain Swelling Cannot Cause Leg InjuryBrain swelling, unlike swelling in other parts of the body, can occur not only because of injury but because of other complicated medical conditio... Read More »

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How do you keep the swelling down in a foot injury?

(1) Don't walk on it for a while.(2) Call your doctor ASAP to have him look it over.(3) (a)If there is an open wound, wash it off with water and hydrogen peroxide, add Neosporine.(b) Bandage and/or... Read More »

What causes swelling in the brain?

Swelling of the brain if often caused by the brain hitting the cranium due to blunt or direct trauma.

Husband has astrocytoma grade 4 3 tumors in brain ,i now notice hes neck is swelling why?

Is he taking steroids? They cause neck swelling.

How to Cope With a Brain Injury?

You have been told you have brain damage for whatever cause. All brain injuries are unique, and no one brain injury causes the same problem.