Can both parents sign custody over to a woman who is not related to the child?

Answer %DETAILS%AnswerProbably - see CA Family Law Code3040. (a) Custody should be granted in the following order ofpreference according to the best interest of the child (1) To both parents jointly the c... Read More »

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If your parents have joint custody can one parent sign his custody over to someone else?

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Can both parents in a child custody case hire their own psychologist?

Both parents can hire their own psychologist in a child custody case. However, a psychologist is usually appointed by the court, whether the parents hire one or not. "The best interest of the chil... Read More »

When both parents have equal custody who pays for child support?

The one with the high income alhough this more often applies to fathers since they usually have the higher income.

How to Sign Over Child Custody Rights?

Sometimes, a parent wishes to sign over custody rights. The reasons vary for everyone’s situation. A parent might be in trouble with the law, or may have medical problems that preclude her from p... Read More »