Can both parents agree for one to terminate his parental rights in California?

Answer In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to a divorce, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does no... Read More »

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Can a mother request from the judge to reinstate fathers parental rights once she has already petitioned the court to terminate his rights and the judge did terminate his parental rights?

Yes. It's called "disruption" and it does happen. Sometimes a child comes home with problems so severe that they cannot be handled by the new family; in such cases, the parents can seek to disrupt ... Read More »

Does both parents have to agree if the father wants to sign his rights over?

That depends on who he wants to sign over his rights to and the particular circumstances. If he wants to sign over his parental rights to his mother, for example, both parents would have to agree a... Read More »

Who can terminate parental rights?

A court with jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter.

Can you terminate parental rights?

Terminating your parental rights is a serious decision. If you wish to terminate your rights consult a family lawyer and ask about your states laws about parental termination.