Can bluray be played on a laptop?

Answer If the laptop has a bluray player, if not only regular Dvd's will be playable.

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Can Bluray be played on any DVD player?

no i think they(bluray) cannot be played on dvd's

How to Copy Bluray Dvd to Blank Bluray With Ideal Bluray Copy?

 Ideal Blu-ray CopyWith the price reduction of bluray devices, blu ray disc edition of movies are popular more and more. And usually if you purchase a bluray movie, you will get a dvd edition alon... Read More »

Chroncile Bluray not working on Bluray Player but works on PS3, whats the problem?

try to update the firmware on your player If you don't know how to do it try google, or the manual it will tell you how to update your player. It is easier if your player is connected to the internet.

Is there much difference in the American bluray of Watchmen and the british bluray?

No,very much alive;he merely retired from Moodies.Has gout I believe.He suffered from health problems for a number of years and found managing it difficult while on tour (the band have an extensive... Read More »