Can blu ray be played through a projector?

Answer Blu-Ray DVDs are for HD TVs and require a Blu-Ray player or a PS3. The sound is improved and the crispness of the picture (graphics) is noticeably improved.

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How do i watch tv through a projector?

for effective picture quality you need to watch it in the dark not outside and you need a tv tuner or a setup box which has video outputs which is same as your projector video inputs

Can a computer play through my projector?

Using a projector attached to your computer during a presentation makes it easy for everyone in the room to see your material. When you aren't using the projector for presentations, you can use it... Read More »

Can my hdmi projector through a laptop give 3.5 to reciever 5.1?

If I am understanding your question correctly...You want to know if you can hook your audio receiver up using a 3.5mm connector?If your lap top has a 3.5mm connector which most lap tops do, you wil... Read More »

Can an iPod be played through a stereo receiver?

Yes, an iPod can be played through a stereo receiver. Any iPod can be connected through the stereo receiver's auxiliary input with the use of an iPod docking station and RCA/coaxial cables.Referenc... Read More »