Can blown-in insulation be used around recessed lighting?

Answer Blown-in insulation should not be used around recessed lighting fixtures not rated as "insulation contact" (IC). The heat from these fixtures creates a fire threat. Install a barrier extending at l... Read More »

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How to Install Cellulose Insulation Around Recessed Lighting?

To properly install cellulose insulation around recessed lights, you must first determine whether the lights are rated for contact with insulation (I.C. rated). All I.C. rated fixtures are stamped ... Read More »

Can recessed lighting be used in a non-drywall ceiling?

Recessed lighting can be installed in any type of ceiling with the correct housing. Consult with your recessed lighting retailer to determine the correct housing for your application. Using the imp... Read More »

Types of Fabric Used for Blown Insulation?

Blown insulation is a very popular form of home insulation used today. Instead of having large rolls of insulation installed by hand, one by one, insulating materials can be blown into an attic or ... Read More »

Which finish should be used for recessed lighting in a bar?

On One Hand: Make Lights, Soffits and Ceilings DisappearAesthetics are important for bars. They are meant for people to look good and forget about day-to-day needs. Lighting is meant to illuminate ... Read More »